Captain Parker

by sycamore122

For the last 2 years, Parker has been receiving Employment Services from Sycamore Services. She also does work studies through Martinsville High School, and she spends time working at the library, the fire station, and Flowers by Dewey, but her main job is at Walgreen’s! The job at Walgreen’s started off as a work studies position, but the people of Walgreen’s loved her so much that they hired her on as a part time employee. While she’s at work, Parker typically stocks shelves, her favorite being the candy shelves, or she mops the floors. When she gets to work each day, she gets to work right away without having to be told what to do.

Parker is quite the people person. She loves being able to see people and spend time with her coworkers during her shift. Everyone at Walgreen’s has been very good about including her since she started working there! At the fire station, the firefighters call Parker “Captain” because they like her and her passion for firefighting.

In her free time, Parker loves singing, drawing ambulances and firetrucks, playing basketball, scrapbooking, going to the YMCA, swimming at the park, watching her brother play tennis and horses. In fact, she gets to spend time with horses by doing horse therapy at Horseshoes of Hope. Sometimes Parker gets to go back to the high school to sing the national anthem at the Special Olympics! With her great, hardworking personality, Parker is able to tackle anything she sets her mind to!

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